Thursday, August 15, 2013

Now Showing at Fred's Ice Cream - Northville

Fred's Ice Cream has partnered with State of Mind Gallery and is displaying some of my canvases with a Northville and soda "flavor."

Fred's is a localy-owned family business named after the owners' late father. Most products in the store are from Michigan-based companies, and they serve Hudsonville Ice Cream in homemade waffle cones which are made right in the store!  Fred's fountain fare features floats with Michigan Soda Company flavors, ice cream sundaes, and fresh-fruit blended ice cream. There is also a large selection of Gelato, frozen yogurt and Dippin' Dots, too. Be sure to visit their store, web site, and facebook page.

Fred's Ice Cream
Upper level of Northville Square
133 W. Main at Wing St.

 Northville Clock (24 x 30)

 Vintage Vernor's Bottle Cap  (16 x 16)
 Vintage Vernor's Sign  (12 x 36)

  Manhole Cover  (24 x 36)

 Northville Marquis Theatre  (24 x 36)

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