Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Starring "The Gallery" Featured Artist

I'm pleased to announce that I am the featured artist for November at Starring "The Gallery" in Northville, Michigan.

Many of the photos that I have posted on my Facebook page over the last few weeks are new works which will make their public debut and will be on exhibit there for the entire month.

You are cordially invited to attend the reception:

118 W. Main St.
Northville, Michigan

Featured Artist: James C. Ritchie, Photography
Artist Reception: Friday, November 7, 2014  6:00 - 9:00pm

Artist Bio: James Ritchie is a native of Northville, and a self-taught photographer. His work stems from his many interests which range from the art of automotive design; railroads and machinery; architecture; to historic subjects, scenes and events, and more.  His award winning photographs have been published on book covers and calendars and have illustrated newspaper articles and web sites across the country and around the world.


Mr. Ritchie's work is set apart from that of others because he rarely portrays a subject in its entirety. Instead, he creates a series of details that, to him, are its very essence. Recently he has developed a slight variation of this modus operandi. While he still seeks subjects that fascinate him, and he still presents mainly their details, he has been inspired to get out of his visual box and to see things with "new" eyes.


His new objective is to find the art in ordinary, overlooked, and ignored sights in life. That "art of the ordinary" focuses not necessarily on what something "is," but rather on the colors and contrasts, light and shadow, and / or geometric shapes of a scene or subject.

Some of his work in this new perspective is presented here for the first time.

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