Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awrey Bakery sold, brand saved

On the side of an Awrey semi-trailer
The trailer was gone shortly after this photo was taken.

 This little-noticed sign on the the north wall of the Awrey building has seen better days. It is unknown if it will be repaired,  removed or replaced by the new owners.

In the fall of 2012, facing seemingly insurmountable financial trouble, Awrey Bakeries said it would lay off most of its 200 employees unless a buyer could be found for the 103-year-old company by mid-February.

As hopes for finding a buyer dimmed, the company discontinued retail bakery operations and began dismantling equipment which was to be sold at an auction scheduled for February 20th. On February 19th, in what was literally a last-minute reprieve, privately-held Minnie Marie Bakers of the Midland-Bay City, Michigan area came forward with a purchase offer just eight minutes before the final sale deadline.

New CEO Jim McColgan said owner Ron Beebe will change the Livonia bakery's name to Minnie Marie Bakers, Inc., but will "keep the Awrey brand name alive." McColgan also said they intend to rehire more than 150 laid off workers and reopen the 218,000 square foot facility within thirty days.

Sales and marketing director John Awrey, who is a member of the founding family, said he is “pleased that the new owner will preserve the Awrey’s brand and tradition of fine products."

"They know Michigan is a good place to do business and will expand our focus to develop a local supply chain of farmers, millers and producers of Michigan-grown wheat, soybeans, sugar and other ingredients," Awrey said.

When the bakery reopened on March 11th, about 50 former employees had been returned to work. McColgan said the number of workers they can rehire will depend on sales.

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