Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vintage 1940 Goebel Beer bottle cap


Goebel Brewing Co. was established in 1873 in Detroit, Michigan. Production expanded after prohibition and in 1946 they purchased the Grand Rapids Brewing Company in Muskegon and operated it from 1946-1957. Goebel purchased the Detroit brewery Koppitz-Melchers in 1947 and operated it until 1958.

In an attempt to expand westward, the Golden West Brewery in Oakland, California was purchased in 1950. Success was artificially supported by the Korean War and west coast operations ceased in 1955, ending the quest to become a national brand. The Stroh Brewery Co. in Detroit bought the brand in 1964, and was itself later purchased by Pabst.


Canvas wrap 16"h x 16" w x 1 1/4 deep.
Finished back, with wall bumpers and ready to hang.

Other sizes available:

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