Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vernor's Ginger Ale - Deliciously Different!

Vintage 1950s-60S Vernor's Ginger Ale bottle cap.

According to legend, before James Vernor left Detroit to serve in the Civil War, he stored some of his experimental ginger ale in an oak cask. When he returned four years later, he opened the cask and found that the drink had been changed by the aging process, tasting even better than it had before. He declared the ginger ale to be “Deliciously Different,” which became one of the many slogans for the drink such as "Flavor Aged" and "Aged in Wood."

Canvas wrap 16"h x 16" w x 1 1/4 deep.
Finished back with wall bumpers, ready to hang.

Other sizes available:

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