Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vintage 1950s Stroh's Beer bottle cap

Vintage 1950s Stroh's Beer bottle cap.

A brief corporate history of Stroh's:

- Bernard Bernhardt Stroh 1850-1882 Lion Brewing Co.

- B. Stroh Brewing Co. 1882-1902

- The Stroh Brewery Co. 1902-1919

- Brewery operations shut down by Prohibition in 1920 and operated as The Stroh Products Co. 1920-1933

- The Stroh Brewery Co. 1933-2000

- Purchased and operated Goebel Brewing Co. 1964-1985

- Purchased by Pabst and dissolved in 2000

Canvas wrap 16"h x 16" w x 1 1/4 deep.
Finished back, with wall bumpers and ready to hang.

Other sizes available:

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