Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vintage 1940s Pfeiffer bottle cap

Vintage 1940s Pfeiffer's Beer bottle cap
featuring Johnny Fifer.

Pfeiffer Brewing Co. was founded by Conrad Pfeiffer in 1889 and operated continuously in Detroit (with the exception of Prohibition) until 1968. In the 1954 Pfeiffer acquired the Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company of St. Paul, Minnesota. The Flint plant was closed in 1958, but in an attempt to become a regional brand Pfeiffer purchased the E&B Brewing Company including its brands Weidemann and Frankenmuth and renamed itself Associated Brewery Co. in 1962.

Further mergers aquisitions included Drewerys in South Bend, Indiana and Chicago; Sterling in Evansville, Indiana; and Piel with plants in New York and Massachusetts. Associated was headquartered in Detroit and Pfeiffer Beer was still brewed there along with such old favorites as Frankenmuth, Schmidt and North Star. Pfeiffer was also brewed in St. Paul, Minnestoa during this time,

Because of its growing debt and an increase in state excise tax from $1.25 / bbl to $6.61 / bbl, Associated found it was cheaper to brew in Indiana and closed the Detroit Pfeiffer brewery in 1966.

Associated Brewing continued producing Pfeiffer Beer until 1972 when it sold all its brands to other brewers. The former Pfeiffer Brewing Company was renamed the Armada Corporation (the name hinting at its former dominance in the market place) and it remains in business to this day as a holdings company in the Penobscot building in Detroit.


Canvas wrap 16"h x 16" w x 1 1/4 deep.
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